We provide E-Mail for real estate agents and agencies. We know how important your inbox is to you and we help every step of the way from setup to maintenance, we provide support when needed.

E-Mail Boxes

Our E-mail services are managed by our support department and are frequently updated for current devices and E-mail clients. See our E-mail services for more information. If you need E-mail support, please click here.


Do you like spam? Of so, our E-Mail may not be for you. Our E-Mail includes a structured, multi-layer spam prevention strategy that helps you achieve 97% spam protection without the need for additional expenditures or third-party products.



Q. Can I use my phone and/or tablet?
A. Absolutely! We offer Exchange activesync for industry stanard synchronization.

Q. Can I use another service like GMAIL?
A. Yes. If you already have GMAIL set up for your provider that's good too. Our E-Mail service is offered as part of our hosting packages. If you are currently hosted with another provider you can still use the CLAREN Project on your non-hosted website.

Q. How do you set up E-Mail with WeLikeIt?
A. Contact our E-Mail support here. We would be happy to help you.