iQ Agenda is a Mobile App for managing user contacts, calendars, tasks and notes of email accounts hosted on SmarterTools brand email server, SmarterMail. It was developed and published by WeLikeIt.Net and was first released to iOS's App Store and the Android's Google Play store early Febuary 2014.

• Setup Guide Tutorial (YouTube)

Features include:

  • Add, edit and delete user Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes.
  • Quick tab switching by swiping the tab icons or by swiping crosswise in any tab.
  • Quick "Agenda" view showing the next few days of tasks and events.
  • Contact details include a click to: "Call","SMS" and "Email" your contacts (supporting apps required).
  • Secure connection to SmarterMail servers having a secure certificate available.
  • Full offline use, allowing adding, editing and deleting while offline.

iQ Agenda was designed with security in mind. Using iQ Agenda, your device connects directly with the SmarterMail server you specify. SSL/TSL supported when specified/available.

Note: no proxy of any sort is used during synchronization.

Note: the iOS/Android address book and iOS/Android calendar are not connected to or synced in any way with this app.

Getting Started:

  1. You must have an email account set up on a server running SmarterMail email server.
  2. Install iQ Agenda from: Apple's App Store / Google Play
  3. Open iQ Agenda and press the Settings button (the blue gear icon located on the Agenda/Home tab).
  4. Enter your email account information and server address.
  5. Save the settings and press the Sync Button located on the top toolbar. 

If an error occurres during the Syncronization, go back into settings, check your entry values and then try syncing again.

If you are unnable to connect after you have thourally checked your entry values, we are here to support you.